Rates can vary for a few reasons, length of session, number of songs & overdubs, recording analog or digital and number of band members or musicians involved. Its best to get in touch to discuss your project beforehand so I can give you an accurate idea of the costs involved. I can also offer advice on how to best prepare for a session. I can provide a quote after this is discussed if you require one.


A standard full day is normally 10am to 8pm or so. I am flexible with times so if a session runs a bit over or runs short we can sort out a deal that’s fair for everyone. All the studio equipment is included in the booking price.
You are welcome to visit the studio prior to the session and have a chat and look around etc.

Outside engineers

Outside engineers are ok to use the studio. I will assist any outside engineers to get the session rolling and assist when necessary throughout the session. Please let me know when you book if you plan to use your own engineer as this will affect any price quoted.

Tape, Media & Data

If you wish to record to analog tape or mix to analog tape there may be additional costs depending on what you want to do. Most of the time people don’t keep the multitrack 2 inch tape we use during session recording although is does happen occasionally. If you want to keep the tape for archival purposes its best to purchase your own reels prior to the session, but they are costly. Any multitrack tape projects can be archived to digital at the end of a session if you wish.
Mixing to stereo analog quarter inch will attract tape costs also if you wish to keep the reels for your own archive.

As far as data goes I hold onto most projects for a minimum of three months on multiple drives. If you want to keep the session forever bring your own Mac compatible hard drive or 32GB USB stick, it will then be your responsibility. Outside engineers are responsible for their own sessions data although I do keep these sessions as a courtesy…but not forever.

Paying for Your Session

Payment will need to be made at the end of the session.
I can accept bank transfer, cash or issue a Paypal payment request if you need to use a credit card.
I don’t normally request a deposit, in some circumstances it may be required.